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  • please close all windows and doors before leaving the apartment
  • we recommend keeping the curtains and windows closed on sunny, hot days – air the apartment in the evening and at night
  • please ensure sufficient distance between curtain and pane; heat accumulation might cause the pane to crack

basic amenities

  • dishes, cookware, towels, tea towels, bed linen, cuddly blanket, neck roll, reading lamp, first-aid kit
  • toilet paper, hand soap, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tabs, dishcloth, sponges, broom and dustpan, kitchen roll, bin liners, coffee filter, sugar, salt, pepper, drinks on the day of arrival
  • vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, flat iron and clothes horse are available in the basement


  • it is a self-closing toilet lid – please do not force it down
  • please slant the rain shower after use – do not turn
  • please do not throw any food leftovers or hygiene articles into the toilet

bed linen

  • provided by us – suitable for allergy sufferers


  • on display in the adjoining room at Schloss Schedling

coffee machine and thermos jug

  • coffee machine manual (PDF)
  • measuring scoop, filters and sugar are provided

children's equipment

  • on request and if available: high chair, cot, nappy pail, children’s towels

cuddle blanket

  • a freshly washed cuddle blanket can be found in the drawer by the sitting corner


  • tabs can be found in the waste bin drawer
  • please put them in the designated compartment
  • dishwasher manual (PDF)

fitted kitchen

  • the lights are controlled via motion detectors


  • firewood can be found in the adjoining room at Schloss Schedling
  • you can carry it in the felt bag provided
  • please do not use the wood that is stacked around the tower

fridge and freezer

  • we will provide free water on the day of arrival


  • your apartment is heated by an underfloor heating system
  • you can set the desired room temperature on the thermostat
  • during heating, a room temperature of 22 °C is set
  • please note that changes cannot be noticed until a certain period of time has passed (at least three hours)

induction hob

  • induction hob manual (PDF)

inner courtyard

  • the inner courtyard with outdoor furniture and fire bowl is at your free disposal
  • chair cushions, deck chairs, parasols, a grill and outdoor games can be found in the adjoining room at Schloss Schedling
  • please handle all items with care and leave them tidy


  • the apartment key also opens the main entrance, the basement and the door to the adjoining room at Schloss Schedling


  • you can stow away empty luggage under the canopy bed

laundry room

  • located in the basement
  • it can be opened with your apartment key
  • washing machine, detergent, dryer, laundry basket, clothes horse, ironing board and flat iron are at your free disposal
  • washing machine manual (PDF)
  • dryer manual (PDF)

music (via audio channel and speakers)

  • plug the black audio cable above the TV into your smartphone or tablet and play your music
  • you can adjust the volume via the controllers in the rooms
  • the speakers are located in the living room, bathroom and outdoor seating area

neck pillow

  • can be found in your wardrobe

open fireplace 

  • before lighting the fire, please slide the metal sheet over the hole in the fire table so that nothing can fall into the ash drawer while the fire is burning
  • for the open fireplace, open the air flap to the marked point for lighting and leave it open as long as the fire is burning – the flap can be closed again when the fire has gone out
  • opening and closing the air flap is done with the handle located on the outside above the fireplace
  • to light the fire, please lay medium sized logs lengthwise next to each other on the fire table and then place two more logs on top at a 90° angle at the edge, so that a small tower is formed that is hollow in the middle
  • put crumbled newspaper and a small piece of firewood inside the hollow chamber and place another log across it
  • it is important to lay everything on top of each other in a way that plenty of oxygen can reach the flames
  • now light the paper and the smaller firewood with the firelighter provided
  • do not add more wood until the fire is burning properly; it is best to add only a few logs every now and then
  • please keep the fireplace fire small and never leave it burning unattended
  • also make sure that flammable objects have enough distance to the open fire
  • you can carefully push the cooled ash into the hole in the fire table with the poker – there is a metal drawer for collecting the ash, which will be emptied by us

parking spaces

  • free parking spaces are available
  • feel free to park your car in the inner courtyard for un(loading) purposes – please watch out for our robotic mower


  • pets are not allowed


  • please make sure to water the plants in the outdoor seating area regularly
  • a watering can is provided – thank you


  • two pillows in the sizes 60 x 80 cm and 40 x 80 cm
  • a neck roll can be found in the wardrobe of your apartment

quiet hours

  • please adhere to our quiet period from 10 pm to 6 am

reading lamp

  • the charger is provided
  • reading lamp manual (PDF)


  • please only smoke on the terrace/in the courtyard

storage space in the adjoining room

  • you are welcome to store bulky items in the adjoining room at Schloss Schedling
  • the room can be accessed via the inner courtyard and is labelled with “Fahrräder”, Wertstoffe, “Müll”
  • we shall assume no liability for loss of or damage to stored property

tiled stove

  • to light the tiled stove, put crumbled newspaper into the chamber and put a small piece of firewood on top
  • the stove door under the chamber has a flap with a peg-shaped handle that can be opened and closed by sliding it back and forth – please open this flap fully for lighting up so that plenty of oxygen can reach the fire
  • now light the paper and the small pieces of wood with the firelighters provided and leave the stove door slightly ajar to be able to observe the fire
  • do not add more firewood until the fire is burning properly and only add a few small pieces of wood at the beginning
  • once sufficient embers has formed, you can close the flap and add larger pieces of wood
  • danger of burns: the door, the railing and the cooker top become hot when the stove is heated
  • always use the gloves provided for adding more wood
  • please make sure that there are no objects on the cooker surface when the stove is heated and that all other objects are at a sufficient distance from the tiled stove
  • the ash falls through the grate of the chamber into the ash drawer located under the grate
  • before reheating, push the ash remaining on the grate into the ash drawer with the poker
  • once the ash drawer is full, please empty it
  • caution: only remove the ash drawer when the stove is cold
  • the ashes can be emptied into the ash bin provided at the outdoor seat
  • please be careful to avoid unnecessary dust formation
  • you can put the full ash bucket in the adjoining room of Schloss Schedling and exchange it for an empty ash bucket – please do not empty the ash into the residual waste


  • spare towels can be found in the wardrobe of your apartment
  • please do not wash the towels yourself


  • the bins for residual waste, paper, glass, plastics, juice and milk packs, sheet metal and deposit bottles are located in the hallway of the adjoining room
  • please dispose of organic waste in the residual waste bin
  • please only dispose of tightly closed bin liners and cleaned glass and plastic containers

water kettle and toaster


  • whirlpool manual (PDF)
  • please only use bath salts, no bubble baths
  • any other bath water additive will cause the whirlpool tub to foam over
  • after use, please rinse the tub thoroughly with clear water 


  • free network: TurmSchedling
  • password: willkommen-im-TURM




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